Pyroscope + qryn

Pyroscope + qryn

Continuous Profiling with qryn

If you work with observability and continuous profiling you surely have already heard of, use and/or have tried Grafana Pyroscope

Grafana Pyroscope is an open source software project for aggregating continuous profiling data. Continuous profiling is an observability signal that allows you to understand your workload’s resources (CPU, memory, etc.) usage down to the line number.

Grafana acquired Pyroscope and merged it with its Phlare continuous profiling database back in 2023. The smooth integration of Grafana Pyroscope with Grafana is one of its the main solution benefits allowing easy correlation of continuous profiling data with other observability signals, such as metrics, logs, and traces.

This is fantastic until we get reminded Grafana products force their users to maintain completely different backends and datastores for their "correlated" products, pushing lots of complexity for opensource integrations and tedious management. So if you need logs, metrics, traces and profiling - those are 4 parallel deployments.

This is where qryn kicks in! One powerful stack, fluent in all languages.

Another Pyroscope

Our observability stack qryn already offers native compatibility with Grafana Loki, Mimir/Prometheus and Tempo as part of its Polyglot API on top of OLAP databases and we're happy to announce Pyroscope API support has joined the family!

Piece by piece, we integrated all the parts and protocols to make the integration work in qryn, with the generous cooperation of community resident Tomer Shafir

Profiling data now lives within the same OLAP database as logs, metrics and traces, providing integrators with full access and control for predictable cost/performance.

That's the polyglot approach of qryn. More features. Less services. One datastore.

Get Started

Users and integrators of qryn 3.0 can already ingest continuous profiling data in their favourite OLAP database by using the qryn opentelemetry collector integration for java clients (soon to be extended to support a broader scope of pprof clients) and query profiling data in Grafana through the Pyroscope Datasource using qryn's APIs.

The search and filtering experience are fully compatible the original Pyroscope API, and can be instantly used without any additional knowledge, plugins or hacks

With the opensource front being already on the way, the integration with is up next with focus on total integration with all available gigapipe products, as well as any external customer resource through collectors and agents. Watch this space!

Updated Workflow

Here's the upcoming qryn workflow updated with Profiling Features. To the future!

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