(RED) with beyla + qryn

(RED) with beyla + qryn


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Grafana Beyla is a new vendor agnostic, eBPF-based, OpenTelemetry/Prometheus application auto-instrumentation tool, which lets you easily get started with Application Observability. Within Beyla eBPF is used to automatically inspect application executables and the OS networking layer, allowing us to capture essential application observability events for HTTP/S and gRPC services.

From captured eBPF events, Beyla produces Opentelemetry trace spans and Rate-Errors-Duration (RED) metrics, without any modifications to your application code or configuration and of course - compatible with qryn for ingestion and usage.

Using Beyla

Beyla supports a wide range of programming languages (Go, Java, .NET, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, Rust, etc.) and can be used in parallel with other existing signals.

To get started, refer to the auto-instrumentation QuickStart in Grafana Beyla.

Sending data from Beyla to qryn

Beyla was designed for Grafana LGTM which means its drop-in compatible with qryn when it comes to shipping traces, metrics and even logs using native API formats, thanks to the polyglot all-in-one API approach implemented by the qryn stack.

And since qryn supports direct ingestion of OTEL traces, configuring Beyla with the qryn OTEL endpoint in Docker is as easy as it gets! Just remember to configure the process PID, BEYLA_OPEN_PORT & BEYLA_SERVICE_NAME parameters to match your target application process (or docker container) before running:

docker run --rm --pid="container:clickhouse-server" 
-e BEYLA_OPEN_PORT=8123-e BEYLA_SERVICE_NAME="clickhouse" 
-e OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT="http://qryn:3100"  
--privileged grafana/beyla:latest

That's all it takes! We're ready to launch our Beyla instance and validate!

A few seconds later your process tracing will be visible in qryn/tempo by searching for the BEYLA_SERVICE_NAME configured in the previous step:

That's just the beginning of the journey and there's so much more to discover and use when it comes to eBPF and qryn combined. Post your comments and feedback!

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