👋 introducing qryn.cloud

👋 introducing qryn.cloud

polyglot observability, batteries included!

qryn cloud is ready ☁️

Our managed qryn.cloud service just launched on gigapipe 🚀

What do we offer?

⭐ Unlimited Logs, Metrics, Traces & Custom Integrations
⭐ Only Pay for Data Ingestion + Labels Ingestion volume
⭐ Built-in Grafana UI & ClickHouse Storage w/ DoubleCloud
⭐ Fully Managed, Secure, Auto-Scaling on K8s
⭐ Made in EU, available in any AWS/GCP region

🔋 Batteries Included

✔️ We keep things simple. Logs, Metrics and Traces without headaches.
✔️ Customers only pay for ingested traffic and labels. No storage costs.
✔️ Services scale as you go and allow easy forecasting of future costs.
✔️ All inclusive. No Servers or ClickHouse nodes to manage and budget.

💛 Bring Your Own ClickHouse Storage

✔️ Bring your own ClickHouse Cloud Services for infinite capacity and performance.

🕹️ Endless Integrations

✔️ Ingest compatible with Loki, Prometheus, Tempo, Pyroscope and much more.
✔️ Fully Supports Open Telemetry for Logs, Metrics and Traces.

✔️ Bring your own Grafana with infinite users or use the embedded deployment.

🗃️ Dedicated Options

✔️ Dedicated qryn nodes with metered and unmetered ingestion.
✔️ Dedicated ClickHouse Clusters w/ Full remote access in any region.

⚡ Gigapipe Powered

We choose Gigapipe to operate our fully managed and scalable qryn:cloud experience, allowing users to enjoy our stack and deploy its polyglot features in minutes, instantly ready to ingest, store and query all of their observability data.

Gigapipe runs a next-generation managed cloud platform offering a solid ecosystem of connected technologies for software startups like ours, backed by a team of super smart engineers in an open culture environment where innovation is second nature.

Just the perfect fit for the qryn gang and our polyglot observability vision! 🔎

🧠🤯🎱 = 💵 ?


Most cloud observability platforms include a free headache in the pricing model.

Assuming they do support logs, metrics and tracing in a single service, most tend to rate each typology differently, forcing specific agents or formats on users and sometimes they make things overly complex to plan and forecast.

If you can figure out the pricing model, the majority of service results are crazy expensive. Other "dirt cheap" tracing platforms appear to operate without any regard for EU/US privacy laws, security and compliance. A pure recipe for disaster.

We wanted our service to be a solution, rather than another puzzle to crack.

With Gigapipe, we can operate qryn as a state-of-the-art affordable service.

If you try our Service out, let us know how we did!


Prefer to run your own stack? Help yourself to our qryn-oss stack with no limits!

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