Grafana proxies + qryn

Grafana proxies + qryn

graphite and datadog ingestion

Unlike qryn and its polyglot core, Grafana's Mimir does not offer native compatibility with other ingestion protocols - but recognizing the same "big tent" factor our design follows, they decided to provide users with protocol proxies able to translate various metric formats into Prometheus remote_write inserts we all comfortably support.

This Grafana "blog post" introduces the "Grafana Mimir Proxy"

As part of our “big tent” philosophy at Grafana Labs, we want to allow users to ingest data from as many sources as possible, as simply as possible. Just as Grafana is the one tool to visualize all your data, we are building Mimir to be the one tool to store all your metrics.

We've heard this before? Welcome to the club, Grafana!

This is where it gets fun. Since qryn is a drop-in replacement broadly compatible with Mimir/Loki/Tempo and/or Grafana Cloud, all of the current and future Grafana proxies will work out of the box with your favorite polyglot stack, too!


Use the following config to write Graphite metrics to qryn

dist/graphite-proxy-writes \
  -auth.enable=false \
  -server.http-listen-address \
  -server.http-listen-port 8008 \
  -write-endpoint http://localhost:3100/api/prom/remote/write


Use the following config to write Datadog metrics to qryn

dist/datadog-proxy-writes \
  -server.http-listen-port=8009 \
  -auth.enable=false \
  -memcached-server \
  -server.path-prefix=/datadog/ \
  -write-endpoint \

Note the Grafana proxies sadly require a memcached server available

🚀 That's all it takes! Enjoy Datadog and Graphite in your polyglot setup!

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