ClickHouse queries with ChatGPT/GPT3

ClickHouse queries with ChatGPT/GPT3

Does ChatGPT know ClickHouse?


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Question of the week: does ChatGPT know ClickHouse? Let's find out!

That's impressive... Documentation and comments are included, too!

Let's ask GPT3 to extend the ClickHouse schema and see what happens.

Ok..... wow. The context was solid, but I accidentally reset and had to start over.

Oops. The schema changed slightly. Let's see if we can create a Materialized View.

While this might not be 100% perfect, it makes our columnar hearts beat fast!


GPT3 most definitely knows ClickHouse! ๐Ÿคฏ

Bonus Content

We asked ChatGPT to write a romantic poem about Clickhouse. Here it is:

ClickHouse, oh ClickHouse, you shine so bright, With your column-oriented design and query speed so right.

Your open-source nature allows for endless customization, And your scalable architecture brings ease to every situation.

You handle high volumes of data with ease, And your real-time analysis capabilities never cease.

Your fault-tolerant design ensures reliability, Making you the go-to choice for every ability.

So here's to ClickHouse, the database of choice, With your impressive features, you have a bright future to rejoice.

In the world of technology, you stand out like a beacon, A shining example of innovation and reason.